Venue for Weddings and Baptisms

Created in 2000 as a small restaurant business, Quinta de Santo Estêvão has become a very successful 4-star hotel in the Beira Alta region.

20 years providing memorable moments

Creation of the Hotel in 2000

It began its activity as a restaurant for regional delicacies and since then has transformed its property into one of the most beautiful rural hotels in the Beira Alta region.

Valuing Nature

With about 126 hectares, the farm values its space and the animals it raises. Here you can find a vast forest area, several agricultural fields, and a mini zoo with cows, wild boars, goats, partridges, and even hares.

Valuing the community

Just as we value nature, we value the lives of our people. That is why we like to be present in all moments of your life, whether it is a business dinner or a family event such as weddings and baptisms.

Quinta de Santo Estêvão
Quinta de Santo Estêvão

“Beira already means the edge of the mountains. But not content with this etymological mark that subjugates its domains, from its throne of majesty the stone sphinx demands our full attention”

Miguel Torga

Quinta de Santo Estêvão

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